Health and Safety walk hand in hand in our everyday activities which we all share from the top to the bottom of our company wherever we are working or enjoying Family time. This is not just a vain statement but backed up by the fact that we have NEVER had a single loss time accident.

Since our inception Double J Rentals has been commitment to the safety of people, the environment, and our property and assets. This makes good business sense, but more importantly, it is the right thing to do. These commitments are held as fundamental core values and are an integral part of us as a partnership and a corporate citizen. Our safety commitment extends to our employees, the general public, and our clients. With respect to safety performance, our goal is to be the “best of the best”. To achieve this operational excellence, we strive to hire and maintain the most qualified and dedicated workforce possible and make safety accountability part of our daily operations. The first step of the safety accountability program is the development of safety standards and expectations. Once developed, these standards and expectations are then clearly communicated to all employees, who are held to these standards with the expectation that each individual should feel the obligation to make safety the highest priority. We have consistently reached our safety goals and as a result have an employee OSHA recordable safety record that is perfect. While we take great pride in our achievements, we are not content. Our vision is obtain an end goal of a workplace that achieves an injury and incident free day every day throughout our existence.

Commitment to safety is just one more reason to select Double J Rentals when selecting a qualified service provider.  Combine our industry leading products and services the next time you select a provider and create a win–win for your employees and company.

                                                   SAFETY IS A