Company History

Double J Rentals was formed in 2010 primarily to serve the needs of oilfield contractors in the Eagle Ford Play in South Texas.  They recognized a need for quality services and products and believed contractors would respond favorably. The decision was made to enter the market with the philosophy of only providing the very best service and products found anywhere, and couple those with guaranteed regularly scheduled service.  They purchased a truck, vacuum pumping unit and a truck load of portable toilets.  It wasn’t long until they purchased more toilets and additional pump trucks. By the beginning of 2012 some existing clients in South Texas inquired about expanding our services to West Texas, where they saw the same need for quality service. One truck and employee was sent to West Texas and our quality service was well received and the business took off. As the word spread and business grew, a permanent operation and yard was secured in Odessa, which we still operate out of today.

With the continued success, management saw the opportunity to expand their offerings. Trash Trailers, Cooling Trailers, and Light Plants, were a natural addition to the portable toilets. As time progressed Generators, Safety Trailers and Connex Storage Containers were also added to the offerings. As our offering grew, we realized the challenges with tracking equipment and maintaining the highest level of service.  The decision was made to implement a satellite based GPS tracking system with dispatch and route optimization capabilities. We not only know where our equipment is but when it is serviced.  We can also create optimized service routes and dispatch the service route to any one of our trucks.  This provides the driver the ability to go service equipment that he didn’t set or has never been to.  In the oilfield a lot of the work is very remote and many places don’t have cell service.  With the satellite based system we can send and receive communications with the driver when cell service is unavailable.

In 2014 we looked to expand our market beyond drilling sites, tank battery installation, and gathering system pipelines.  We set our sights on the ever increasing Main-Line (multiple mile, large diameter pipe) work across the country. Over the next year we secured major pipeline projects in Louisiana, Tennessee, New Mexico, Ohio, as well as Texas. The first project was a 70 mile 12” gas line in East Texas, then an 80 miles of 42” originating in El Paso and a 30” fuel gas line in Memphis, Tennessee. Three main line projects in Ohio facilitated the establishment of operations in Cambridge, Ohio. Just as things were growing at a breakneck pace; came the oil crash of 2015.

The diversification was a blessing that was not wasted and paid big dividends when the price of oil crashed and drilling came to a virtual standstill. Main-line projects allowed us to survive the down-turn and be poised for the next comeback.

Early 2016 we saw the light at the end of the tunnel and prepared for growth as the new administration assumed office. This year we expanded our service to Oklahoma, while West Texas continues to be our strongest market.

One key to success is understanding how important our employees are to the business. The best equipment and products will never set you apart from the competition, without dedicated employees to implement the plan and provide the superior level of service. If we take care of our employee’s; they will take care of business. Therefore we strive to provide for our employee’s; benefits such as 100% employer paid employee Health Insurance and guaranteed 40 hours per week. We want our employee’s focused on work when they are there, not worrying about how many hours they will get this week or how can they afford a doctor’s visit.

We have multiple incentives to provide a safe work environment. At the end of the day we want all employees to return home to their families, safe and sound. Safety not only affects employee’s lives, but the bottom line as well. An accident free work place reduces insurance cost which is good for the bottom line.  Our satellite based GPS tracking system also allows us to monitor all drivers and provide a weekly score for each driver. This commitment to safety and our employees is why, since our inception, we have never had a single lost time accident. We currently have an EMR of .91.

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